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                         Dear Sirs!

      Closed Joint-Stock Company "Ukrainian Aviation Center" invites to cooperation of operators and owners of aircraft type An-24, AN-26 (B), AN-30, AN-26 (B-100), AN-30 (100), An - 32 (B), Yak-40, AN-74 in the maintenance and continuing airworthiness of these types of aircraft.
      JSC "UAT" created on the basis of production capacity of aviation and technical base of the Kiev combined air and has forty years of experience of aircraft of civil aviation. We're their own production facilities with all the necessary ground equipment, control and calibration and test equipment.
      Our property is a hangar with a capacity of up to two types of AN-24, a laboratory with all necessary equipment to perform all work under the technology. Also, there is a laboratory with equipment to perform work on nondestructive testing
      We carry out work on the extension of the designated resources and timing of service and extension after the overhaul of resources and service life of airframe and engines.
      Working closely with organizatsiyamy:
                    - Aircraft Repair Plant 410-CA, which is located in the airport "Zhulyany" Kiev.
                    - Antonov Design Bureau of the renewal of resources and the timing of the airframe on the program they developed Antonov DC Antonova, performance improvements and a second work on the technical specification developed by Antonov Design Bureau;
                    - Open Joint Stock Company "Motor Sich" in part an extension of resources and service life of engines and other AI-24 series for all the content and tasks drawn up OJSC "Motor Sich".
                    - State Enterprise "Progress" named after academician AG Ivchenko in the extension of resources and service life of engines and other AI-24 series for all the content and tasks drawn up by SE "Progress" named after academician AG Ivchenko.
                    - Ukr.TsEAT in extending the resources and the timing of the engine RU19A-300.

       We perform routine maintenance (within the limits set by resources) of aviation products and electronic equipment, the replacement units in the operating instructions, work performed under the authorization Certificate of the maintenance No BP 0097, issued Gosaviaadministratsiey Ukraine.
       Our certificate is recognized by aviation authorities in countries such as Belarus, Sudan, working closely with the countries of Moldova, Hungary, Angola.
       In cooperation with the Organization for TO "City Line" Certificate HU.145.0106 all the types of work performed in accordance with the requirements of PART - 145 with the issuance of certificate PART - 145 FS transmission in operation.
       Technology Design Bureau JSC "UATC" provides technological support, development, modification and additions to the Rules then in technological guidance for the implementation of procedural type of AC-24 Antonov AN-26 Antonov-30. We have close cooperation with all countries of the CIS and abroad.

       Territorially we are in the airport "Kiev" (Zhulyany).
               Kyiv 03036 Prospect Vozdyhoflonckyi 90
               Fax . (+38044) 249-01-13
               Phone . (+38044) 249-01-13
               Phone . (+38044) 246-28-56
              E-mail: - uatc@meta.ua

Yours faithfull ,
General Director
Strgii Sapsay
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